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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Fire Damage in Amarillo, Tx

This fire in Amarillo, Tx caused by a lit cigarette and oxygen tank resulted in veryheavy smoke damage through out the entire home and fire damage to the walls,... READ MORE

Basement Ceiling Damaged - Amarillo, TX

This basement in Amarillo, Tx was severely damaged to due a pipe breaking on the first floor. The entire ceiling had to be removed for the drying process and t... READ MORE

Esporta Content Cleaning

This Christmas decoration came out of a large house fire in Amarillo, Tx. Items such as this and many others are normally deemed unsalvageable and end up not go... READ MORE

Water Damage in Amarillo, TX

This Amarillo home was flooded by a water heater. The home was a vacant rental property so the loss was not found for weeks. By the time the owner found it and ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Hereford, Tx

This water damage in Hereford, Tx affected the entire and home and even caused a loss of electricity to half of it. This home had beautiful hardwood floors and... READ MORE

Perryton, Tx Water Damage

This home in Perryton, Tx was for sale when the owner found that a pipe in the ceiling broke, causing the ceiling to cave in and severe damage to the rest of th... READ MORE

Fire Damage Hereford, Tx

This fire damage in Hereford, Tx was caused from an oxygen tank exploding. Soot and smoke damaged the entire home and contents. The damage was extensive and req... READ MORE

Fire in Dimmitt, TX

This fire in Dimmitt, TX started in the garage. Notice the extent of the smoke damage in the bathroom. This entire house was damaged badly enough that it requir... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in Keyes, OK

When disaster struck this school in Keyes, OK they called SERVPRO of West Amarillo to clean up the mess. When it comes to losses like this one, we make it our p... READ MORE

Large Commercial Water Damage in Amarillo, Tx

During a deep freeze in Amarillo, Tx; the over-head fire sprinkler system froze and busted affecting a large portion of this medical facility. When the staff ar... READ MORE

Commercial Loss in Dumas, Tx

This shoe store in Dumas, Tx fell victim to flood water during a spring storm. We were able to arrive on-site quickly and get the store set up and ready for reg... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss in Amarillo, Tx

This water loss in Amarillo, Tx happened in a house of ministry. When we arrived on the scene, water had invaded many of the bedrooms, bathrooms, and common are... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage in Amarillo, Tx

Amarillo, Tx often experiences wildfires. The day this fire started, our brave fire fighters were out battling a grass fire. It started getting out of hand so t... READ MORE

Water Damage with Growth in Amarillo, Tx

This water damage in Amarillo, Tx went unnoticed for quite some time with it being at the edge of a bay window on an outside wall. By the time the home owner re... READ MORE

Commercial Growth in Amarillo, Tx

This water damage in an Amarillo, Tx commercial building had a musty odor when we arrived onsite. We noticed the wall paper in an office peeling and immediately... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Perryton, Tx

When an ice storm hit the Texas Panhandle early in 2017, the city of Perryton, Tx was hit hard. A pipe busted in one of the local hotels and caused the ceiling ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

This residential home located in Bedford, Texas, suffered some mild microbial growth after the toilet in the guest bathroom overflowed and then started leaking ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

This residential home located in Euless, Texas, suffered some microbial growth after a water hose unknowingly leaked through the garage for days and days. It st... READ MORE

Flood Damage in Amarillo, Tx

This commercial building was for sale and under contract when flooding hit in Amarillo, Tx. The seller immediately contacted SERVPRO of West Amarillo to repair ... READ MORE

Water Damage with Growth in Amarillo, Tx

This home owner in Amarillo, Tx initially called us to clean up a water damage in their home. When we arrived on site and began the water mitigation, we noticed... READ MORE

Amarillo, Tx Wildfire

After a wild fire is put out, it can be hard to see the damage left behind inside the surrounding homes. this Amarillo, Tx home doesn't show the damage in the p... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss in Amarillo, Tx

When this Amarillo, Tx restaurant had a water leak, we were quick to respond. The staff caught it and called us early enough in the day that we were able to get... READ MORE

Water Heater Time Lapse

This water heater had a pin hole in one of the hoses on top. The photos show a time lapse of right at 20 minutes. The pressure was so high in the water heater, ... READ MORE

Commercial Fire in Hereford, Tx

This Hereford, Tx church suffered a loss after an electrical fire that started in the attic. Many rooms were damaged by smoke, and some needed demolition from t... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Amarillo, Tx

Life doesn't stop when you are cooking dinner. This Amarillo, Tx fire started on the stove causing smoke damage throughout the entire home. We were able to remo... READ MORE

Electrical Fire in Booker, Tx

The electrical wiring in the attic caused the fire damage to this Booker, Tx home. The entire house and all of the family's contents were damaged by heavy soot ... READ MORE

Water Damage with Mold in Borger, Tx

This home located in Borger, Tx had an ongoing water damage that was causing mold to grow in the bathroom. By the time the homeowner found the source and called... READ MORE

Wildfire in Canadian, Tx

Although wildfires are usually contained to the open fields in West Texas, the soot and burned grass finds its way in through any small crack it possibly can. W... READ MORE

Water Damage in Borger, Tx

Cabinetry can be a challenge at times to get dried out. As you see in the photos, we had to remove the bathroom vanity cabinets and the flooring to get the stru... READ MORE

Water Damage with Growth in Amarillo, Tx

Sometimes it can take a while to detect a water loss in your home or business. In some cases, a water loss is not water all over the place. It can go unnoticed ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Amarillo, TX

These photos were taken at a school located in Amarillo, TX. The customers were very lucky. The water did not have time to penetrate the flooring, if it had it... READ MORE

Homeowners Crawlspace Flooded in Canyon, TX

This flooded crawlspace in Canyon, Texas was the result of a burst pipe. There was a lot of excess water standing in the crawlspace. In most instances such as ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in Amarillo, TX

At SERVPRO® of West Amarillo we know how important it is to keep disruptions to business to a minimum. SERVPRO® of West Amarillo works quickly to asse... READ MORE

Water Damage in Fritch, TX

This water damage was caused by a water heater in Fritch, Texas. Looking at these photos, it doesn't look "better" than it did before. When water is introduced... READ MORE

SERVPRO® of West Amarillo Restores Heirloom after Fire

A house fire in Clarendon, TX left heavy soot on a wooden hutch base. Soot, which can stain and ruin furniture, is removed with special products and techniques ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Amarillo, Tx

In Amarillo, Tx when a big storm comes through, many office buildings flood or develop roof leaks. This office had a roof leak soaking the acoustical ceiling ti... READ MORE

Lightning Strikes Home in Amarillo, Texas

SERVPRO® of West Amarillo has been serving the Texas Panhandle for nearly 15 years and still continues to experience new types of damage every single day, ... READ MORE

We at SERVPRO of West Amarillo never stop learning!

Owner, Mark Belew, is shown cleaning some heavily soiled carpet in the warehouse at our Amarillo, TX location. Mr. Belew is training on proper technique, proced... READ MORE

Wind and Water Damaged Home in Amarillo, Texas

A family from Amarillo, Texas fell victim to the brutal and damaging winds of the Texas Panhandle. The roofing was damaged and left the home vulnerable to the e... READ MORE

Flooding at the Don Harrington Discovery Center

Rainwater combined with a plumbing issue caused extensive flooding at the Don Harrington Discovery Center. SERVPRO of West Amarillo was called to the center. Ga... READ MORE

Graffiti made "Like it never even happened." ®

A local business called us to remove some graffiti. Painting over the graffiti rarely has the desired results. Standard products didn't produce the results requ... READ MORE

So much water...

A local shop owner opened the door one morning to find two to three inches of water everywhere. She slogged to the phone, called her plumber to stop the water ... READ MORE

SERVPRO Makes it Clean again!

For your home or for your business, SERVPRO® We were called by a local apartment complex, after a tenant moved out the mess, and the smell, was more than th... READ MORE

Dirt Loves to Ride this Scooter!

When extinguishing a house fire, holes are often put in walls and ceilings. Doing so causes dirt from the attic to be deposited in the areas below, sometimes c... READ MORE

Hallway Ceiling Water Damage Restoration

After a rainstorm on a weeknight, the interior hallway ceiling of this office started to leak. By the next day it had collapsed in multiple places. Luckily, the... READ MORE

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Amarillo, TX

This family's child has been diagnosed with asthma. The child spends most of their time indoors in order to avoid triggering an attack. However, the child spend... READ MORE

Water Damage in Kitchen and Laundry in Amarillo, TX

When a tenant in Amarillo, Texas called to report water damage in the kitchen and laundry room, we came out and assessed the damage. The inspector noted that th... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Flooding in Amarillo, TX

SERVPRO of Amarillo recently responded to a call from a young family whose four-year-old son flooded their bathroom. The little boy asked to use the restroom, a... READ MORE

Cleaning Up Debris After Storm in Amarillo

What would you do if your bathroom floor was covered with sewage and other contaminants due to a broken pipe? After an incredible amount of water damage, SERVPR... READ MORE

Baseboard Water Damage Repair in Amarillo

The baseboards in your home may sustain damage for different reasons that are often water-related - from household leaks, to storms and flooding, there are many... READ MORE

Storm Cleanup and Wall Damage Repair in Amarillo, TX

In heavy Texas storms, as water levels rise, door entryways become prime locations for flood waters to enter in through your home. When floodwaters burst in thr... READ MORE

Building Restoration for Amarillo, TX Home after Storm

Storm season in Texas can bring disastrous winds, just as what was encountered here in this Texas home pictured above. Raging winds caused parts of this residen... READ MORE

Drying Out Water from Hallway Carpets

While hallway carpets often become the unlikely victim of flooding from storms, more often than not, water overflows from bathroom sinks, toilets, bathtubs or f... READ MORE

Water Damage in Amarillo Apartment Building

Storms in Amarillo can cause heavy flooding and damage when rainwater enters your apartment building. Our team at SERVPRO have seen numerous cases of buildings ... READ MORE

Residential Building Needs Water Damage Restoration in Amarillo

There are a number of reasons why carpet may need to be removed from a stairwell - mold growth, water soaked carpet, carpet stains and discoloration, or perhaps... READ MORE

Store Damage Restoration and Cleanup in Amarillo, TX Home

Storm season in Texas can bring hurricanes, but more often than not residents are faced with damaging winds from tornadoes during this time of the year. First a... READ MORE

Kitchen Cabinet and Equipment Restoration in Amarillo

Flooded kitchens are common problems that can cause long term damage when not dealt with immediately. Kitchen floods can arise from a number of situations, incl... READ MORE

SERVPRO’s Professional Mold Testing Equipment

When mold starts to spread through your home, handling the situation quickly and safely should be prioritized to prevent further spread. Mold growth can take le... READ MORE

Air Duct Cleaning and Replacement in Amarillo, TX

If you are wondering whether or not you need to get your air ducts and HVAC cleaned, it may be time for an inspection. There are various situations that may aff... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration Process in Amarillo, TX

Cleaning up is half the battle, but getting rid of that icky mess without creating more damage is where most people tend to fall short. That's what happened wit... READ MORE

Moisture Detection in Kitchen Cabinet after Water Damage

There's a problem that many people aren't aware of: moisture intrusion. A little extra moisture in the wrong areas after water damage can lead to many other is... READ MORE

Water Damaged Wall Repaired in Amarillo, TX Home

The walls were in bad shape when we showed up at this home. This was the water-damaged wall covered up with drywall for some time, so moisture was trapped behin... READ MORE

Storm Damage Window Restoration

A client of ours called SERVPRO Amarillo after a storm ravaged their home, causing significant damage to their windows. The storm ripped away their siding, tore... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Inside Walls of Amarillo Building

When the floodwaters rose from heavy rains, this building was inundated with approximately five feet of water. And while much of it receded fairly quickly, ther... READ MORE

Baseboard and Hallway Cleaning after Water Damage

The baseboard in this room could not be cultured due to being submerged in water for an unknown amount of time. Cleaning up the area was difficult due to the mo... READ MORE

Full-Service Water Damage Cleanup in Amarillo, TX

After a severe storm, water damage from flooding damaged carpets and ruined furniture in this hotel's guest rooms. It also brought mold growth which exacerbated... READ MORE

The SERVPRO Restoration Process

A home in Amarillo, TX experienced a major water leak after a burst pipe. The homeowners were away during the incident and upon their return found that all of t... READ MORE

Rug Cleaning after Storm Flooding

After a major storm, the home was filled with over two feet of water. The family had just moved into the home and only had most of their belongings for a couple... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos