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Moisture Meter Detecting the Moisture Level of the Carpet

The water damage to your carpets and flooring can seem like an impossible mess to clean up. In this Amarillo home, a water line break in the attic caused extens... READ MORE

Professional Carpet Cleaning With SERVPRO

You've spilled coffee on your carpet. You can't take it anymore. You need professional help NOW!Thankfully, there's a company that specializes in giving you the... READ MORE

Professional Protection of Belongings Before Restoration Begins

It doesn't take much to cause damage to a building's contents. In the case of a flood, a broken pipe, or another water damage event, even a single inch of water... READ MORE

Flood Water Damage Emergency Cleanup

Flooding can cause severe damage to your property and belongings, so it’s crucial to take action as soon as possible. When this homeowner in Amarillo, TX,... READ MORE

Wall after Water Damage Restored to Prevent Mold Growth

The homeowners were on vacation, and water leaked into the walls through the windows from heavy rains. By the time they returned home, their walls had already b... READ MORE

Saving a Kitchen Floor After a Water Damage in Amarillo, TX

Recently a home in Amarillo, Texas, was damaged by a large amount of water leakage from the dishwasher in the kitchen. The owners could not find the leak source... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration and Reconstruction Process

A severe storm hit the home causing heavy rain and hail. Water leaked through the ceiling, damaging the insulation and creating mold on the drywall in multiple ... READ MORE

Professional Tenting and Ducting to Save Kitchen Equipment

In Amarillo, Texas, a homeowner faced a long list of unexpected repairs. The roof was leaking, but the worst damage came from water that seeped into the kitchen... READ MORE

Carpet Drying after Water Migration in a Bedroom

After an unexpected heavy rainfall, a one-story homeowner in Amarillo, TX, had her bedroom carpet soak through. The water seeped into the carpet padding, which ... READ MORE

Specialized Drying Equipment Used to Save Walls

A resident of Amarillo, TX, noticed a strange smell in their home. The homeowner immediately called SERVPRO to investigate the source of the odor and assess any... READ MORE