Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Moisture Meter Detecting the Moisture Level of the Carpet

The water damage to your carpets and flooring can seem like an impossible mess to clean up. In this Amarillo home, a water line break in the attic caused extens... READ MORE

Flood Water Damage Emergency Cleanup

Flooding can cause severe damage to your property and belongings, so it’s crucial to take action as soon as possible. When this homeowner in Amarillo, TX,... READ MORE

Wall after Water Damage Restored to Prevent Mold Growth

The homeowners were on vacation, and water leaked into the walls through the windows from heavy rains. By the time they returned home, their walls had already b... READ MORE

Saving a Kitchen Floor After a Water Damage in Amarillo, TX

Recently a home in Amarillo, Texas, was damaged by a large amount of water leakage from the dishwasher in the kitchen. The owners could not find the leak source... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration and Reconstruction Process

A severe storm hit the home causing heavy rain and hail. Water leaked through the ceiling, damaging the insulation and creating mold on the drywall in multiple ... READ MORE

Carpet Drying after Water Migration in a Bedroom

After an unexpected heavy rainfall, a one-story homeowner in Amarillo, TX, had her bedroom carpet soak through. The water seeped into the carpet padding, which ... READ MORE

Baseboard and Hallway Cleaning after Water Damage

The baseboard in this room could not be cultured due to being submerged in water for an unknown amount of time. Cleaning up the area was difficult due to the mo... READ MORE

Water Damaged Wall Repaired in Amarillo, TX Home

The walls were in bad shape when we showed up at this home. This was the water-damaged wall covered up with drywall for some time, so moisture was trapped behin... READ MORE

Moisture Detection in Kitchen Cabinet after Water Damage

There's a problem that many people aren't aware of: moisture intrusion. A little extra moisture in the wrong areas after water damage can lead to many other is... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration Process in Amarillo, TX

Cleaning up is half the battle, but getting rid of that icky mess without creating more damage is where most people tend to fall short. That's what happened wit... READ MORE

Kitchen Cabinet and Equipment Restoration in Amarillo

Flooded kitchens are common problems that can cause long term damage when not dealt with immediately. Kitchen floods can arise from a number of situations, incl... READ MORE

Residential Building Needs Water Damage Restoration in Amarillo

There are a number of reasons why carpet may need to be removed from a stairwell - mold growth, water soaked carpet, carpet stains and discoloration, or perhaps... READ MORE

Drying Out Water from Hallway Carpets

While hallway carpets often become the unlikely victim of flooding from storms, more often than not, water overflows from bathroom sinks, toilets, bathtubs or f... READ MORE

Baseboard Water Damage Repair in Amarillo

The baseboards in your home may sustain damage for different reasons that are often water-related - from household leaks, to storms and flooding, there are many... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Flooding in Amarillo, TX

SERVPRO of Amarillo recently responded to a call from a young family whose four-year-old son flooded their bathroom. The little boy asked to use the restroom, a... READ MORE

Water Damage in Kitchen and Laundry in Amarillo, TX

When a tenant in Amarillo, Texas called to report water damage in the kitchen and laundry room, we came out and assessed the damage. The inspector noted that th... READ MORE

Hallway Ceiling Water Damage Restoration

After a rainstorm on a weeknight, the interior hallway ceiling of this office started to leak. By the next day it had collapsed in multiple places. Luckily, the... READ MORE

Water Damage in Fritch, TX

This water damage was caused by a water heater in Fritch, Texas. Looking at these photos, it doesn't look "better" than it did before. When water is introduced... READ MORE

Homeowners Crawlspace Flooded in Canyon, TX

This flooded crawlspace in Canyon, Texas was the result of a burst pipe. There was a lot of excess water standing in the crawlspace. In most instances such as ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Amarillo, TX

These photos were taken at a school located in Amarillo, TX. The customers were very lucky. The water did not have time to penetrate the flooring, if it had it... READ MORE

Water Damage with Growth in Amarillo, Tx

Sometimes it can take a while to detect a water loss in your home or business. In some cases, a water loss is not water all over the place. It can go unnoticed ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Borger, Tx

Cabinetry can be a challenge at times to get dried out. As you see in the photos, we had to remove the bathroom vanity cabinets and the flooring to get the stru... READ MORE

Water Heater Time Lapse

This water heater had a pin hole in one of the hoses on top. The photos show a time lapse of right at 20 minutes. The pressure was so high in the water heater, ... READ MORE

Perryton, Tx Water Damage

This home in Perryton, Tx was for sale when the owner found that a pipe in the ceiling broke, causing the ceiling to cave in and severe damage to the rest of th... READ MORE

Water Damage in Hereford, Tx

This water damage in Hereford, Tx affected the entire and home and even caused a loss of electricity to half of it. This home had beautiful hardwood floors and... READ MORE

Water Damage in Amarillo, TX

This Amarillo home was flooded by a water heater. The home was a vacant rental property so the loss was not found for weeks. By the time the owner found it and ... READ MORE

Basement Ceiling Damaged - Amarillo, TX

This basement in Amarillo, Tx was severely damaged to due a pipe breaking on the first floor. The entire ceiling had to be removed for the drying process and t... READ MORE