Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Professional Carpet Cleaning With SERVPRO

You've spilled coffee on your carpet. You can't take it anymore. You need professional help NOW!Thankfully, there's a company that specializes in giving you the... READ MORE

Professional Tenting and Ducting to Save Kitchen Equipment

In Amarillo, Texas, a homeowner faced a long list of unexpected repairs. The roof was leaking, but the worst damage came from water that seeped into the kitchen... READ MORE

Specialized Drying Equipment Used to Save Walls

A resident of Amarillo, TX, noticed a strange smell in their home. The homeowner immediately called SERVPRO to investigate the source of the odor and assess any... READ MORE

The SERVPRO Restoration Process

A home in Amarillo, TX experienced a major water leak after a burst pipe. The homeowners were away during the incident and upon their return found that all of t... READ MORE

Storm Damage Window Restoration

A client of ours called SERVPRO Amarillo after a storm ravaged their home, causing significant damage to their windows. The storm ripped away their siding, tore... READ MORE

Air Duct Cleaning and Replacement in Amarillo, TX

If you are wondering whether or not you need to get your air ducts and HVAC cleaned, it may be time for an inspection. There are various situations that may aff... READ MORE

SERVPRO’s Professional Mold Testing Equipment

When mold starts to spread through your home, handling the situation quickly and safely should be prioritized to prevent further spread. Mold growth can take le... READ MORE

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Amarillo, TX

This family's child has been diagnosed with asthma. The child spends most of their time indoors in order to avoid triggering an attack. However, the child spend... READ MORE

Dirt Loves to Ride this Scooter!

When extinguishing a house fire, holes are often put in walls and ceilings. Doing so causes dirt from the attic to be deposited in the areas below, sometimes c... READ MORE

SERVPRO Makes it Clean again!

For your home or for your business, SERVPRO® We were called by a local apartment complex, after a tenant moved out the mess, and the smell, was more than th... READ MORE

So much water...

A local shop owner opened the door one morning to find two to three inches of water everywhere. She slogged to the phone, called her plumber to stop the water ... READ MORE

Graffiti made "Like it never even happened." ®

A local business called us to remove some graffiti. Painting over the graffiti rarely has the desired results. Standard products didn't produce the results requ... READ MORE

Flooding at the Don Harrington Discovery Center

Rainwater combined with a plumbing issue caused extensive flooding at the Don Harrington Discovery Center. SERVPRO of West Amarillo was called to the center. Ga... READ MORE

Wind and Water Damaged Home in Amarillo, Texas

A family from Amarillo, Texas fell victim to the brutal and damaging winds of the Texas Panhandle. The roofing was damaged and left the home vulnerable to the e... READ MORE

We at SERVPRO of West Amarillo never stop learning!

Owner, Mark Belew, is shown cleaning some heavily soiled carpet in the warehouse at our Amarillo, TX location. Mr. Belew is training on proper technique, proced... READ MORE