Storm Damage Photo Gallery

home damaged by storm in texas

Expert Storm Damage Restoration in Amarillo, TX

The walls of this Amarillo, TX home survived major damage by repeated hailstorms. The homeowners were immediately concerned about water seepage, and decided to call SERVPRO's Storm Damage and Restoration technicians. On-site inspection showed exterior brick wall siding covered in seepage, and water damaged insulation. The bricks were removed to allow technicians to penetrate and dry inside walls and insulation to prevent further structural damage. With the home dried out, our technicians repaired and repainted damaged surfaces.

Restoring Water Damage with Air Movers

Restoring Water Damage after Storm with Air Movers

The home is a duplex, and the residents had been out of town for a few days when they got word a storm had come through and damaged one of the units. SERVPRO Amarillo Water Damage Restoration unit was called to dry out the home and set up air movers and dehumidifiers after finding soaked carpet, padding, and drywall. We made sure there were no standing pools of water anywhere. In a few weeks, their furniture and contents were back in place, and all flooring was drying out perfectly under our equipment.

storm damage in bedroom

Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Amarillo, TX

If you're suddenly faced with storm damage that has left your home's interior looking like a hurricane went through, there's no time to wait. That's why SERVPRO provides 24-hour professional cleaning and Amarillo Water Damage Restoration services - so you never have to face this type of disaster on your own again. Our qualified professionals are ready for any future catastrophe or cleanup issue unfortunate enough to come their way!

Flooded basement

Amarillo Water Removal Services After Flood in Basement

A flood in your Amarillo basement can mean extensive water damage, as well as mold and mildew growth. However, you don't have to let the long process of cleanup keep you from having friends or family over for a fun time playing billiards or watching a game. Our Amarillo Water Damage Restoration crew uses state-of-the-art water removal equipment to get your basement back in the shortest amount of time.

Grass Fire in Amarillo, Tx

A power line was blown down on the north west side of Amarillo, Tx sparking a fire near the city's medical district. The fire grew quickly and came close to consuming some of our major medical facilities, but the firefighters contained it and put it out just in time. SERVPRO of West Amarillo was happy to assist in the clean up efforts, keeping the facilities open during the restoration process.

Canadian, Tx Wildfire

The garage on this Canadian, Tx home was unfortunately burned to the ground, as you can see the remains in the photo. There was also quite a bit of soot damage inside the unattached home that we were able to clean up.

Wildfire in Canadian, Tx

This photo was taken from our customer's porch to show how close the fire got to the house. When the flames get this close, the damage inside a home is hard to see in pictures, but it still needs to be cleaned.

Flooded Building in Amarillo, Tx

A storm blew in and the rising flood waters took over this building while pending sale. The seller was so pleased that we were able to get the building restored in time for the sale to go through.

Storm Damage in Borger, Tx

When a storm hit this home in Borger, Tx; a tree knocked a hole in the home allowing water to get inside. We were able to remove the debris, Board up the hole, and restore the inside of this home. 

Texas Panhandle Wildfire 2017

In March of 2017, wildfires broke out and consumed much of the grasslands in the Texas panhandle. Homes and ranches suffered smoke damage as a result of these fires and we were grateful to be a part in getting them cleaned up.

Flood Waters in Amarillo, TX

This photo captures area wide flooding to Amarillo, TX. When the water rose to this level, many homes and businesses were affected by the intruding water. We were able to get many home and business owners back to normal life shortly after the water receded.