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man wearing cleaning suit in office

Professional Office Cleaning in Amarillo, TX

We know that the cleanliness of your business is important to its success. That’s why SERVPRO provides commercial services like specialized cleaning and Amarillo Water Damage Restoration, so you can focus on running your business. Our team will develop a customized program based on the unique needs of your space. Plus, our technicians are always ready to respond quickly if something goes wrong – because when it comes down to it, time really is money.

Roof Flooded After Storm

Roof Flooded After a Storm in Amarillo, TX

A commercial roof was struck by storm debris. The debris settled in multiple sections of the roofing system, including a large section from the parapet wall. Unfortunately, the commercial building had no secondary water control in place.

Upon inspection, it was determined that the damage to the commercial roofing system caused significant leakage into the building's interior and walls. The building owner hired SERVPRO Amarillo Water Damage Restoration crew to mitigate the damage. We used our truck-mounted equipment to dry the building's exterior, including its parapet walls. We then extracted all standing water that had pooled in the building's interior. Finally, we restored the commercial roofing system back to its original condition.

Dry Cleaning Store Experiences Water Damage

Dry Cleaning Store Experiences Water Damage During Storm

SERVPRO has a long-standing commitment to delivering the best possible customer service. We'll be there when you need us, restoring your property efficiently and comprehensively. The SERVPRO Amarillo Water Damage Restoration team responded quickly to a water damage emergency at a commercial dry-cleaning store. The fire-extinguishing system had activated, and water leaked from the sprinkler head to damage dry cleaning machines and supplies. We helped to get the store back to business as usual. 

Commercial Cleaning and Disinfection

Commercial Cleaning and Disinfection in Amarillo, TX

If you're looking for topnotch building maintenance providers, you've come to the right place! We provide commercial cleaning and disinfection services in Amarillo, TX for any type of facility. We take care of everything from public restrooms to food establishments with just one call. SERVPRO is committed to building relationships with clients by providing excellent Amarillo Fire Damage Restoration and cleaning service while saving valuable time. Give us a call today so we can discuss our solutions.

commercial carpet cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Amarillo School

Carpets can be tricky to remediate. We tend to think simple vacuum cleaning will get the job done. But truth be told, it requires much more than that for a business carpet especially. Our staff will use professional-grade equipment to clean your carpets. 

Lingering bacteria can destroy your carpeted floors, causing terrible mold growth.

With our Amarillo mold remediation services, though, you can trust that your carpet will be in capable hands.

Rug Cleaning

Production Technician, Heath, is pictured cleaning rugs for a regular customer.  If your business is in need of this or any service, give us a call at 806-331-4555.

Commercial Water Loss in Sunray, Tx

This church in Sunray, Tx suffered a water damage in the office area, making it tough for the office staff to get anything done. With our help and professional drying plan, they were back to their daily business in just a few short days.

Commercial Fire in Pampa, Tx

A popular fast food restaurant in Pampa, Tx suffered a substantial amount of fire and smoke damage, causing them to close the doors briefly while we cleared out and cleaned the contents, and the building got rebuilt. The good news is, they are up and running again.

Commercial Water Loss Amarillo, Tx

During a winter freeze, a pipe burst in this Amarillo building, causing extensive damage in a large area. We responded immediately and were able to keep this business running for the duration of the drying process.

Commercial Water Loss Amarillo, Tx

The water you see in this photo is coming up the stairs from the underground floor of an abandoned hospital. After days of pumping the water out, we were able to go into the affected area and restore it.

Commercial Water Damage in Amarillo, TX

This water damage is the result of a flood in Amarillo, Tx. The owner had concerns about losing business during this disaster; but we were able to work around their schedule to keep them open and business during the entire process.

Commercial Fire in Borger, Tx

This was the aftermath of a fire caused in the shop area of a commercial building. The fire started in one of the company vehicles and affected the entire office area. We were able to get it cleaned up quickly, and the company was up and running "Like it never even happened."